Why Print Catalogs Are as Relevant as Ever

With all of the advances in technology and e-commerce, you would think print catalogs would be a dying marketing strategy.  But let’s get one thing straight, catalogs are still as relevant as ever. They are a driving force of sales for many companies, especially in the promotional products industry. Here are the three main reasons why print catalogs are still popular with consumers and successful at bringing in sales.

1. Print catalogs are a tangible way to connect consumers with your brand.

Many of your prospects and clients spend hours looking at a screen every day. Print catalogs offer a sort of electronic respite and a more memorable and lasting way to view products. Sure, you can bookmark something online, but how many of us actually check our Bookmark Bar often? It’s a wasteland of ideas and links. With catalogs, you can hold product ideas in your hands, highlight items, and pick it up again in a day, a week, or a month. You can refer back quickly to a product you know you’ve seen without having that “Google-search-term-panic-attack.” In fact, 45 percent of people say catalogs stimulate their interest in a company’s products, and almost 90 percent have bought an item after first seeing it in a catalog. So now can we finally kill off the “print is dead” rumor?

2.  Print catalogs don’t get thrown in spam folders.

They arrive at homes, offices, and in the hands of potential clients. While email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy, it’s not 100 percent effective at reaching all audiences. Catalogs are now part of a multi-channel marketing strategy that delivers. For every person who prefers online media, there’s going to be someone who prefers print material. In order to reach the greatest audience, you need to market through various mediums.

“Great brands integrate catalogs with email marketing, social media, and other tactics into a distinctive, memorable, and valuable brand experience for their customers.” -Denise Lee Yohn

3.  Print catalogs facilitate online sales.  

One of the greatest benefits of a print catalog is its ability to lead people to your website, where they make purchases. Compared with customers who only shop online, those who use catalogs spend more money and buy more often. Roughly 58 percent of online shoppers say they browse catalogs for ideas, and 31 percent have a catalog with them when they make a purchase online. So while your catalog shouldn’t be your only sales platform, it is an essential piece of your marketing mix.

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